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See below for summary of of trends and emerging opportunities we are watching with interest.

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Caveat Emptor.

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Leading Edge - emerging

1. Energy Storage revolution

  • We observed the rise and fall of renewable energies such as wind and solar and note these have a major constraint in not meeting baseload generation needs.
  • We have recently come into contact with a number of opportunities for energy storage.
  • With effective energy storage renewables could be come more economically and technically viable if the energy can be stored and the grid stabilised .
  • The Australian electricity grid requires stabilisation and continuity. One way is with mega batteries such as the TESLA grad stabiliser in South Australia. However better technologies are being developed.
  • A major opportunity exists to do an energy storage revolution where energy can be stored at cheap prices and discharged at high prices - gaining arbitrage.
  • We know some major sources of demand for energy storage, and may know of some potential suppliers of energy storage solutions and components.
  • We also know that solar PV panels have a limited lifecycle and there is a great opportunity with recycling solar PV panels and components.
  • Have a chat with us to explore further.

2. Internet of Things (IoT) and AI - what happens next

  • The digital revolution is already underway.
  • Technology is advancing and the implications of it in other fields has not been fully appreciated.
  • We developed a business model to capitalise on an identified trend. Want to know more? Ask us for an NCNDA.

3. Digital Reserve bank back currencies.

  • We blogged about this 2 years ago. Now PBOC (China) is talking about a digital Yuan. We think these are basically worthless outside of China - but if this concept becomes real in EURO or USD or JPY then it will be revolutionary and impact the entire banking sector.

Slow moving trends

1. Development finance provided by developers

  • We have noticed that property developers are doing less projects themselves and instead lending to other developers who will do projects. This has the effect of facilitating development that would struggle to get finance from the tier 1 and tier 2. Rates are low double digits and this means projects get built.
  • The developers are sitting on cash from the construction boom of 2011 to 2016. Lending money to other developers at 10-12% is better return than the alternatives.

Lower interest rates for longer

  • We don't see any signs of interest rates rising in Australia or USA, UK, EU or Japan anytime soon.
  • Negative rates experiment ended in Denmark - had perverse effects.
  • If we get any inkling that rates are likely to go up we expect share markets to have major corrections down and housing markets to crash.
  • This is a vicious cycle where good intentions to prevent recessions has made it too hard for economies to reform, change tack and pivot away from low growth and secular stagnation.
  • Short term volatility doesn't seem to sway this long term trend.

Off the Radar

China's debt implosion

  • It won't be soon but when it comes it will be catastrophic.
  • Chinese firms are not paying back their debts, money continues to bleed offshore, and the PBOC continues printing near worthless outside of the mainland Yuans.
  • Over 5 Chinese banks have been bailed out, including state owned. More to come as zombie banks and firms on life support rely on the largess of the CCP and PBOC.
  • When this catastrophe hits, expect manufacturing to slow to a halt, and also imports of raw materials to freeze up. Look out Australia.

Immigration Diabetes

  • A diabetic has trouble with insulin and regulating blood sugar.
  • Australia and other developed countries, especially with low birthrates have had record high immigration in the past 20+ years.
  • High immigration in the short term means higher GDP as aggregate demand lifts.
  • Australia has avoided a technical recession since 1993 however per capita recessions keep occurring so we are getting poorer per person but the population is increasing.
  • However this is short term as infrastructure needs to keep up - and it hasn't in Australia.
  • Immigration diabetes is how we describe the diminishing returns from GDP lifting immigration like the sugar high that leads to complications.
  • High immigration, low interest rates and foreign buyers are keeping the Australian housing market up, for now. Any one of these fall and we will see major corrections.

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Opportunity Introductions

We are the casual link to opportunity.

We identify trends in markets and from time to time encounter opportunities to do something with that information such as making the introductions.

An analogy could be like matchmaking service putting opportunity seekers in contact with opportunity providers. We introduce the opportunity and you decide what to do next. We do not provide any financial service or professional advice.

Please note, this is not suitable for all parties. Contact us to check if you qualify and seek your own advice - we are not your advisers ever.


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