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The Casual Link to Opportunity

Fintech: a new era

Fintech: a new era The future is already happening, it just isn’t equally distributed yet. Fintech is not just a combination of Finance and Technology. It describes an entire whole new industry that includes companies using technology to enhance the financial, banking and customers service more efficiently. Fintech is not only changing the way people…
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30 November 2018 0

Are you more of a ‘saver’ or ‘investor?’ Comparing saver round up vs investor round ups products

Product comparison between: Acorns AU ING round up savings The difference between saving and investing Saving means stashing away money today, for a rainy day sometime in the future. Intent is to avoid loss, and gain some interest to offset inflation decay of money. Low risk of downside. Low risk and easy to…
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5 October 2017 2