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The Casual Link to Opportunity

Essay: What is “crypto” and where is it going 30.3.2018

This essay was for the Masters of Business (Applied Finance) course in EFN425 Financial Markets and Institutions. It was submitted for marking on 30 March 2018. It is original work by Adam Atkins and may not be reproduced without consent. All rights reserved by Adam Atkins Copyright (c) 2018. Student of M.Bus (Applied Finance) QUT…
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30 May 2018 3

Beware ICO’s – Speculator Caveat Emptor

Beware ICO’s – Speculator Caveat Emptor Summary: ICO’s are virtually worthless; and Caveat Emptor, Latin: “buyer beware” (no recourse, no refunds, no protection, at buyer’s risk). Utility tokens might only be useful in a closed ecosystem, and can’t actually buy anything with them, so they are illiquid, are not a store of value, and worthless.…
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18 May 2018 0

Are you more of a ‘saver’ or ‘investor?’ Comparing saver round up vs investor round ups products

Product comparison between: Acorns AU ING round up savings The difference between saving and investing Saving means stashing away money today, for a rainy day sometime in the future. Intent is to avoid loss, and gain some interest to offset inflation decay of money. Low risk of downside. Low risk and easy to…
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5 October 2017 2