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The Casual Link to Opportunity

Meet the Team


Managing Director

Adam Atkins founded Casual Financial Pty Ltd in September 2017 around the same time as enrolling into a Masters of Business Applied Finance Degree. Adam graduated in December 2019.

While Studying Adam recruited from his QUT classmates and led the team in a number of high value deals including non-bank lending, capital raises, renewable energy projects and commodities and cutting edge technology. The team also worked on Mergers and Acquisitions including in the information security (cyber) industry.

Adam's background is as a commercial lawyer in Brisbane including in-house legal work at Energex, ICT procurement, litigation, franchises, and intellectual property. Prior to law Adam served as an Australian Army Captain. He made the switch to finance in 2017.

Adam's academic qualifications:

  • Masters Degree in Applied Finance from QUT.
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from QUT.
  • Bachelor of laws from Southern Cross University.
  • Bachelor of arts (psych, politics)  from Southern Cross University.
  • Diploma of Financial Planning from Kaplan.
  • Certificate IV in military leadership from Royal Military College Duntroon.
  • Certificate IV in training and assessing from Queensland University Regiment.
  • Bloomberg Market Concepts
  • General Advice - banking and insurance.

Adam is currently enrolled in CFA level 1.

Adam enjoys chatting about finance, economics, geo-politics, entrepreneurship, opportunities, networking and spicy food.

Senior Executive

Charles "Charlie" Wyatt holds a bachelors of economics from the London School of Economics and is currently completing a MBA.

Charlie's experience includes working in investment banking, commodities trading, financial services, payments platforms, cattle farming, business growth and strategy. More recently Charlie is working in energy storage technology.

Charlie is fluent in English, cricket and rugby.

Senior Analyst

Mr Gajendra "Gary" Jaiswal, CFA.

Gary is passionate about financial markets, finding attractive investment opportunities, helping CFA candidates pass exams and writing on investment related topics. He passed all the three levels of Chartered Financial Analyst (USA) program on his first attempt.

Gary is skilled in Financial Modelling, Valuations, Equity research, Accounting, Customer Service, Capital Markets. He has worked as an equities analyst in a hedge fund.

Gary recently worked on a solar energy capital budgeting project and is highly skilled in MSEXCEL.

Gary is completed a Masters of Business (Applied Finance) at QUT in 2019.

Gary is fluent in English and Hindi.

Casual Consultants

Casual Consultants provide services and expertise from time to time, casually.

If you would like to discuss our consultancy service offerings, enquire now on info@casualfinancial.com

Want to be a Casual Consultant?

Contact us for confidential discussion about your services and offerings on info@casualfinancial.com

Want to be a referral partner?

Contact us to discuss on info@casualfinancial.com

Casual Bloggers and Reviewers

We have guest bloggers from time to time. Check in to see what their latest analysis is.


Our Casual Reviewers are not your everyday reviewers. Among some of the most disloyal of customers. Our roster of reviewers are looking for good products and services to trial and write about.

This is their favourite side gig, especially when it involves taste testing or driving nice cars. They are interested in making and saving money in good products and services, and economical enjoyment of life.

Fancy yourself a Casual Reviewer?

If you would like to contribute as a Casual Reviewer, contact us.


What we do

  • Consulting.
  • Outsourced growth operations.
  • Marketing
  • Blog, news, and commentary.
  • Reviews and how-to guides.
  • Macro-economic and political analysis and forecasts.

Deal making

We are connected with a number of off market opportunities, made known through networking, contracting and personal connections.

We look to connect the right parties to make deals happen in a win-win-win manner.


Our friends and connections kept on asking "What do you think about..." on things such as securities, equities, indices, the prices of commodities like iron ore, gold, oil, on cyrpto-currencies, FX movements, central banks, government policy, geo-politics, & etc. To save time, we're putting our commentary, analysis and forecasts online for them and for you to enjoy.

Market outlook monetised

  • We are watching and reading the market, looking for the right casual opportunities, and act when there is cause to do so.
  • We're interested in investment banking as it provides an avenue for expressing a view on the direction of the market for the right sort of investors.
  • We support enterprise, business growth and commercialisation of new technology.
  • We analyse and look for short, medium and long term trends and opportunities around these.

What we don't do

We do not hold an AFSL and are not required to. We do not provide financial, investment, legal, business or accounting advice of any kind. We do not sell securities. We do not provide financial services. We do not lend or borrow. We do not do any more than write about our interests and in some cases provide the Casual Link to opportunity between people that want to meet each other and those third parties take it from there.

Any views, perspectives, content, links shared or published are general commentary in nature only. Anything published here will not take into account any person and/or entities personal situation, goals, objectives, risk profile and tolerance. Do your own research and/or seek the appropriate services.

We are not an investment bank. Where an introduction is made, any information used is sourced from the issuer and/or broker and the interested parties are given the opportunity to take things further or not with the issuer or broker. We do not provide services beyond an introduction, and all liability is excluded.

Why the name “Casual Financial?”

Casual means there is a cause of action, or an actionable link between distinct things. It can be expressed as being the casual link between cause and effect.

Derived from the Latin word “casus” meaning a cause or something that has spurred or created impetus to do something. It is an occurrence or phenomenon rather than a random or chronic or frequent thing. We learnt this snippet of Latin in law school in the context of “casus bellum” meaning a cause for war. We now prefer “casus investum” meaning cause for investment.

Further in the investment banking space, we are the casual link between opportunities, providing the casual link between parties.

Casual also means suitable for every day attire, comfortable, relaxed and infrequent, happening by chance; fortuitous, and not too formal. We don't think its necessary to obsess about minor market fluctuations when we are looking at the bigger picture.

We also like "Casual Financial" in the English language is an even 6 syllables in total, 3+3.

Our team is notorious for casually dropping in multi-context puns involving any remote variation of the word "casual."

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

  1. Q: Do you provide financial or investment advice? A: No
  2. Q: Do you provide legal, accounting or business advice? A: No.
  3. Q: Are you always right about your analysis, forecasts, commentary, news and views? A: No. We do our best. Past performance cannot be a certain guide to future performance. Take our analysis as part of your own general interest reading and do your own research.
  4. Q: What is your investment banking introduction service? A: We are connected with investment banking opportunities provided by third parties that we are absolutely not responsible for. Some of these third parties may be AFSL holders and we are absolutly not a sub-licensee or subsidiary of anyone. As keen observers of international markets, we are on the lookout for opportunities that match our interests and perceived future trends. If you ask us nicely we may provide a means to connect you to the relevant third party and you can talk to them.
  5. Q: Where are you? A: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Australia's new world city.


CASUAL FINANCIAL Pty Ltd (ACN 621 573 920) is not an AFSL holder or sublicencee and does not sell securities or provide financial services. Any information described or provided via email or website or any other media that describes an opportunity is in the form of an Introduction Service only and complies with the relevant Class Order exemption. Any information on an opportunity is sourced from the AFSL holder or licensee and/or the issuer or seller and they are responsible for it. You must make your own enquiries and consult your own professional advisers. CASUAL FINANCIAL Pty Ltd (ACN 621 573 920) does not provide legal, business, accounting, financial or investment advice, to you, ever. Any information published or provided by CASUAL FINANCIAL Pty Ltd (ACN 621 573 920) is general in nature, does not take into account your individual circumstances, goals and risks. Comments said or published by CASUAL FINANCIAL Pty Ltd (ACN 621 573 920) are to be taken as blogging, reporting, commentary, description and introduction of opportunities, or trends and not professional advice.  Any email from us may contain privileged or confidential information and that privilege or confidence is not waived. If you have received any email in error please delete that email and tell us. Any views expressed by any employee, director, officer or agent of CASUAL FINANCIAL Pty Ltd (ACN 621 573 920) does not reflect the view of the company unless expressly authorised and characterised as the company's position. All liability excluded to the maximum extent available at law. All rights reserved. Casual Financial Pty Ltd Copyright 2020.