Month: October 2018

The Casual Link to Opportunity

Stock markets falling sharply today – some explanation

Stock markets falling sharply today – some explanation US stock markets fell 4% overnight with severe falls in tech stock. When the US sneezes the world catches a cold. Australia’s ASX down sharply also. What is going on? See this key link for some analysis:  a video by Chris Weston head of research at Pepperstone.…
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11 October 2018 0

Australia’s immigration ponzi scheme, and the looming crash

Australia’s has had 26 years of nominal GDP growth. However GDP per person has not always grown, and in some periods retracted. Australia has been riding the long sugar hit of an immigration ponzi scheme. It is unsustainable, and there will be economic consequences when it crashes, and also social consequences as the economics fail.…
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8 October 2018 0