The Casual Link to Opportunity


  • Casual in the sense of a casual link between things.
  • Check out our blog here: https://casualfinancial.com/blog-2/
  • Among other things we occasionally provide consulting services, including in sales, representing, negotiation, bargaining, deal making, business expansion.
  • Analyse news and commentary and blog about our insights.
  • Seek to understand why markets move, what may happen next, predict trends based on currently available information.
  • Commentary on topics of interest.
  • See the forest for the trees and take a macro view of forests.
  • In some cases we may make an introduction and connect interested people with each other for them to discuss an opportunity.

Blog and commentary on financial markets and economics

  • Fundamentals, event risks, geopolitics and cultural trends.
  • We look at markets for trade ideas, trends, pivots, and causes for action.
  • We define the “Casual Trader” as someone who observes the market, from time to time, sees a compelling cause (latin casus) or opportunity, and acts on it. This includes long, medium and short term horizon investors and traders.
  • Investing and trading can be seen as like reading the weather, seeking to understand the origins of the financial winds, comparing to previous weather events and forecasting potential directions. When we see the market winds move in a certain way, we are looking for where it came from and where it may go next.
  • Reading the markets is a way gauge the impact of news events, and notice under or over reactions.


Reviews and Guides

  • How to guides
    • Expressing your view in the international markets
    • Developing trade ideas
    • Understanding finance and the markets
  • Reviews
    • Financial products and services
    • Cafe's, restaurants and luxury goods
  • Comparisons and assessment
    • Opinion and verdict

Why the name “Casual Financial?”

Casual means there is a cause of action, or an actionable link between distinct things. It can be expressed as being the casual link between cause and effect.

Derived from the Latin word “casus” meaning a cause or something that has spurred or created impetus to do something. It is an occurrence or phenomenon rather than a random or chronic or frequent thing. We learnt this snippet of Latin in law school in the context of “casus bellum” meaning a cause for war. We now prefer “casus investum” meaning cause for investment.

Further in the investment banking space, we are the casual link between opportunities, providing the casual link between parties.

Casual also means suitable for every day attire, comfortable, relaxed and infrequent, happening by chance; fortuitous, and not too formal. We don't think its necessary to obsess about minor market fluctuations when we are looking at the bigger picture.


We also like "Casual Financial" in the English language is an even 6 syllables in total, 3+3.


Our team is notorious for casually dropping in multi-context puns involving any remote variation of the word "casual."


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